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Sunday September 12, 2021
North Suomi from parking lot to Orange Lake Road and around Adele Lake, Balloon Lake and Beaver Pond loops have been cleared of many fallen trees. A few more trees are yet to be removed by USFS before mowing or grooming but are easily circumvented. Hikers could be helpful by picking up sticks and pushing back brush or cutting overhanging branches over the next few months. Beautiful fall colors coming soon!
(Catherine McLynn)
Saturday September 11, 2021
Trails are cleared and mowed. A few hung up trees still to be removed by City. Some handwork by hikers would be helpful. Enjoy these fall days!
(Catherine McLynn)
Tuesday September 7, 2021
Trails have all been cleared of deadfalls and mowed. Woods are beautiful! Hike and pick up any more sticks that might fall with each wind event from now until snowfall when grooming and skiing can begin. Push back overhanging brush or trim branches.
(Catherine McLynn)
Monday August 30, 2021
Trails and hills have all been cleared of deadfalls and mowed, ready for snow! Oh ok it is only August. Just getting ready for skiing!
(Catherine McLynn)