Robin Baker Blueberry Hills
Trail length: 12 km
Trail Map: Blueberry
Heated chalet
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Level: Beginner/Expert
Grooming style: Skate and classic
Directions: 2 miles north of Deer River on Hwy 6, 3 miles east on Co. 142 (Chase Lake Rd).

Trail Reports

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Friday February 19, 2021
All trails ski worthy except the last little bit to the tower end trailhead sign, which I broke trail to. Skate lane is a bit more grooved up the further out you get. There was a light layer of snow over a harder base. I guess the cold weather really solidified the snow. Classic tracks look to be in pretty good condition. Groomer has done a good job with what he has to work with.
(Brad Bensen)
Tuesday February 16, 2021
Since it finally got above zero today I decided that it was time to try and do some grooming. I put the Ginsu groomer to work and did the best I could on the Prelude loops. I set the groomer knives as low as I dared since there is only about a 6-8 inch base on the trail and I didn't want to dig dirt. I managed to groom and set track on all of the Inner and Outer Prelude loops and set a track, not the best track, a little shallow, but I didn't hit dirt, so I was happy. I skied the trail today and I thought it skied very well. I haven't done any work on the Lake Loop yet, but I will explore the possibility; without any new snow, there is only so much I can do to improve things. I will give an update if anything changes.
(Tom Sobolik)
Thursday February 4, 2021
Groomed Prelude loops were kind of icy but beyond where there was no recent grooming, skate skiing was great fun almost to Tower end. Slight snow cover over skate lane allowed for safe descent on steep hills. Groomed wide to skate up. Temps in 20's.
(Catherine McLynn)

Trail Photos

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