Scenic State Park
Trail length: 16 km
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Level: Intermediate
Grooming style: Classic
Directions: 7 miles SE of Bigfork on Scenic Hwy 7.
Description: Classic trails through majestic pines.

Trail Reports

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Sunday February 11, 2018
Lots of snow up here in northen Itasca Co near Bigfork and another great day of conditions skiing on classical trails at Scenic State Park! Thanks to our dedicated EOWSKI ski community ski trail grooming volunteers Ron n Matt for keeping these classical trails great this winter! Skiers both experienced and novice are loving the re-opening of these trails this winter! Come check 'em out at our Candlelight/Lantern Ski on Feb 17th, 5-8 pm. Sit skiers welcome!
(Sarah Stone)
Sunday January 21, 2018
Senic state park trails are back! 3 miles of track set today on a good base. The lodge is always open but if you join our club on Sunday afternoon the fire will be roaring.
(Matt Stone)
Sunday January 21, 2018
Lodge campground loops of beginner trails as well as Fire Tower trail just groomed early this morning. Two great volunteer groomers Matt and Ron, with lots of experience as groomers and skiers know what they are doing! Lots of snow up here in north central MN! Come and ski with us in northern Itasca County! Meet up with a bunch of us from the local new/emerging nordic ski community that meets up 1-3 each Sunday to ski at Scenic State Park! We got the fireplace roaring for ya, the hot cocoa will be on. We are definitely worth coming by and skiing with us on your way through or near the area!
(Sarah Stone)