Suomi Hills
Trail length: 35 km
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Level: Intermediate/Expert
Directions: Hwy 38 north 13 miles to south access, or 15 miles to north access.
Description: South trail connects to Amen Lake Trail.

Trail Reports

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Thursday March 8, 2018
Groomed the main trails at South Soumi up to Dr. Hill. Lots of sticks and pine needles, but most were incorporated into the snow. Should be good for a while.
(Randy Zupan)
Monday February 26, 2018
Finished tracking the remainder of the north and South Soumi system after being packed yesterday, really took a nice track.
(Randy Zupan)
Sunday February 25, 2018
Over 20" of snow in the past week, made it tough grooming. All North Suomi packed, and the small loop north of the Day Lake parking lot is groomed and track set. Also the Balloon Lake loop is groomed and track set. A short portion heading south is groomed and track set, up to the bottom of Dr. hill.
(Dale Juntunen)