Suomi Hills
Trail length: 35 km
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Level: Intermediate/Expert
Directions: Hwy 38 north 13 miles to south access, or 15 miles to north access.
Description: South trail connects to Amen Lake Trail.

Trail Reports

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Monday March 11, 2019
All North Suomi trails groomed and track set after fresh snow. Again very heavy drifting on ridge above Doctor Lake and along Spruce Island Lake. Use caution near Spruce island lake. This is a very difficult area to get through with the groomer and the trail is very rough.
(Dale Juntunen)
Sunday March 10, 2019
Set track on south Suomi up to the north parking lot. About 5 inches of fresh snow.
(Randy Zupan)
Tuesday March 5, 2019
North Suomi and Ballon loop had been groomed a day or so ago. More drifting added to the fun and challenge on Spruce Island Sluice Way. Safe descent thanks to cold temps and just barely wide enough to get ski out to snowplow some of the time.
(Catherine McLynn)