Sugar Hills
Rajala Companies
Trail length: 28 km
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Level: Intermediate/Expert
Grooming style: Skate and classic
Directions: S. Hwy 169 7 miles, 4 miles west on Co. 17, 3 miles south on 449.
Description: Climb to Thunder Mountain for panoramic view.

Trail Reports

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Sunday February 28, 2021
Wow - what great trails! We skied the Wolf Track and Thunder Loop and they were in impeccable condition for skating. Firm, crispy but well-cut and granular for easy climbing and safe snowplowing. It helped that temps were in the low 20s. We used the classic track set for some of the less steep downhills and they were also in very good condition even if icy - deep enough and well-defined. Overall very little litter and no bare ground. Thanks to the fantastic groomer and club. We'll be back!
(Mary Shedd, Wagoner Ski Trails Club)
Sunday February 28, 2021
I made a pass on the skate lane on all trails. The cutters were going on average of half an inch. There is not enough snow to do anything with the classic track so it remains icy and scary fast. Given the low amount of base and the weather forecast for 40s next week, it is unlikely we will groom again this year. Spring conditions should hold up but there are bare spots peaking through on Long Lake, atomic drop and snag loop already. Its been a good season considering the low snow amounts.
(Tony Carter)
Wednesday February 24, 2021
Well the forecast snow did not happen, bummer. We scratched up the skate lane to take out ruts on all trails. We were not able to do anything with the classic track. The classic track is between 1/2 and full depth depending on the shade protection on the trail. The track will be icy. Sugar has been in great shape this year but there is not much base to work with. Please ski when the temps are near or below freezing to not damage the trail. If you are leaving a rut in warm weather, please consider coming back another day. One skier can ruin the trail in short order. Thanks.
(Tony Carter)

Trail Photos

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