Legion Park Trail
Trail length: 4 km
Link to this trail on SkinnySki.
Level: Intermediate
Grooming style: Skate and classic
Directions: Near Grand Rapids High School north on Hwy 38.

Trail Reports

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Tuesday March 6, 2018
Very firm, bordering on icy. Lots of branches on trail that I threw off into the woods in the hopes that it will help the groomers. Someone walked a lot of the trail a few days ago and rutted it up. Unfortunately we missed the snow that would have smoothed it over.
(Philip Imholte)
Saturday March 3, 2018
Temps around 45 most of day and still above freezing this evening so trails were soft enough to be safe. Waxless skis worked fine in the tracks or anywhere. Kids had a great time on snowshoe trails with or without skis, too.
(Catherine McLynn)
Monday February 26, 2018
Nicely groomed and tracked. Skate lane is squeaky soft in sunny spots. 45 degree or higher. Faster in shade. Track was firm and should set up even better tonight. Waxless skis worked fine.
(Catherine McLynn)