Legion Park Trail
Trail length: 4 km
Link to this trail on SkinnySki.
Level: Intermediate
Grooming style: Skate and classic
Directions: Near Grand Rapids High School north on Hwy 38.

Trail Reports

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Wednesday February 13, 2019
Groomed and tracked all loops. Everything is firming up nicely. Its a beautiful sunny day. Nice temp. Go ski.
(Rick Mcdonald)
Saturday February 9, 2019
Jeff Love reports that he just got off the trail with the groomer. Skate deck is groomed and track is set. Everything is firming up.
(Rick Mcdonald)
Saturday February 2, 2019
Many thanks to Jeff Love, who groomed and tracked the trails this morning. The track was solid and the skiing fun. Great to be back outside!
(Becky LaPlant)