Legion Park Trail
Trail length: 4 km
Link to this trail on SkinnySki.
Level: Intermediate
Grooming style: Skate and classic
Directions: Near Grand Rapids High School north on Hwy 38.

Trail Reports

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Monday February 22, 2021
Groomed all loops and set a new track all around. Still some dirty spots. It might be good to hold off for today as temps forecast in the 40s. This is the best the trail has looked this year.
(Rick Mcdonald)
Tuesday February 16, 2021
Groomed skate lane and reset track on 90% of the trail. There are several spots where the groomer pulled dirt to the surface. They are obvious and avoidable. The track is shallow in some spots.
(Rick Mcdonald)
Sunday January 31, 2021
Groomed all loops and set new track. Still some dirt patches in a few places. Track is pretty good, but a little shallow in spots. We got about 3/4" of snow last night. It wasn't quite enough to cover everything up.
(Rick Mcdonald)

Trail Photos

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