Golden Anniversary
Trail length: 3 km
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Level: Intermediate
Directions: River Road (Co. 3) south 7 miles.
Description: Rolling hills and majestic pines.

Trail Reports

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Friday March 2, 2018
Snow was mostly crusty. Someone had broken trail on the McKinley Lake loop. I broke tracks on the rest of the loops. I had skied there a week ago, as well, breaking trail on the still visible groom depressions left from before at least two snow periods ago. Parking lot was not plowed, but was wheel-tracked in enough to enter with my two wheel drive small pickup.
(Brad Bensen)
Friday February 9, 2018
Freshly groomed and shallow track reset but not much snow to work with, so not firm set. Nice ski regardless with temps finally above zero. Nice system to ski with kids since there is a shortcut across the middle. The double track through the middle is level and easy skiing for beginners. Takes off from the left side of parking lot. It is an out and back that cuts through the big single track loop that takes off from the right side.
(Catherine McLynn)
Wednesday January 17, 2018
Finally, a day in the 20s, light wind, and bright blue skies contrasting beautifully against the stately pines. Parking lot plowed, trail groomed and deadfalls cleared today. Some small brush sticking through snow here and there but overall a very pleasant experience. Plenty of snow, ground is completely covered.
(Steve Schultz)