Golden Anniversary
Trail length: 3 km
Link to this trail on SkinnySki.
Level: Intermediate
Directions: River Road (Co. 3) south 7 miles.
Description: Rolling hills and majestic pines.

Trail Reports

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Friday February 22, 2019
Groomed and tracked Friday. Great conditions. Skied again today on fresh dusting of snow, very good skiing. Put down your snow shovel and ski!
(Andrew Kringen)
Saturday January 26, 2019
Skied classical here today. Was fun despite not being groomed/tracked. It was nice just being in the woods.
(Lucas Winkler)
Thursday January 3, 2019
Met groomer, Tracy Foix, while I was skiing at Cowhorn. He was done grooming there by noon and heading to groom these trails this afternoon. Should be great skiing!
(Catherine McLynn)