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    Friday March 12, 2021
    Groomed for both skate and classic. The snow was firm and crusty this morning, so it was better for grooming than it was yesterday. Man-made snow loop was groomed with Pistenbully yesterday and then skied on. Skate tracks are deep in some places, but fresh grooming this morning on the natural snow areas should be better. Skipped Exit Ramp, East Horseshoe, and Swamp Loop. Otherwise, plenty of trails to ski.
    (Bob Conzemius)
    Friday March 5, 2021
    Skied Trout Trails at noon. Very good coverage from South Trailhead to Creek. Except first south facing uphill next to Moore Lake...enough snow to ski up but I walked down on my return. After Creek snow was thinner, especially at lake level. Trail was still mostly covered to Joyce Estate. Last uphill before estate really thin. North Trailhead Spur was getting really thin with multiple bare spots that could be avoided but not much longer.
    (Carl Nordgren)
    Sunday February 28, 2021
    Wow - what great trails! We skied the Wolf Track and Thunder Loop and they were in impeccable condition for skating. Firm, crispy but well-cut and granular for easy climbing and safe snowplowing. It helped that temps were in the low 20s. We used the classic track set for some of the less steep downhills and they were also in very good condition even if icy - deep enough and well-defined. Overall very little litter and no bare ground. Thanks to the fantastic groomer and club. We'll be back!
    (Mary Shedd, Wagoner Ski Trails Club)
    Monday February 22, 2021
    Groomed all loops and set a new track all around. Still some dirty spots. It might be good to hold off for today as temps forecast in the 40s. This is the best the trail has looked this year.
    (Rick Mcdonald)
    Saturday February 20, 2021
    Very happy that Itasca County opened this trail system again after being partially closed in previous years for logging. It's a nice, remote area of the county where you can see wildlife that may not be in other areas. I always spend time here to look for moose, but I only actually saw any in 2011. I do usually find some tracks in the snow or browsed vegetation. What I rarely see are other people, but this day, there were two human encounters on the trail! Although the county doesn't groom this remote area frequently, the whole trail system has been groomed this season!
    (Bob Conzemius)
    Friday February 19, 2021
    All trails ski worthy except the last little bit to the tower end trailhead sign, which I broke trail to. Skate lane is a bit more grooved up the further out you get. There was a light layer of snow over a harder base. I guess the cold weather really solidified the snow. Classic tracks look to be in pretty good condition. Groomer has done a good job with what he has to work with.
    (Brad Bensen)
    Friday February 19, 2021
    Best ski of the season on this fun roller coaster system. Skiff of snow covered debris from past two weeks. Extra blue as usual worked 15 degree temps.
    (Catherine McLynn)
    Thursday February 18, 2021
    Groomed and track set all north Suomi trails. It looked like it had been quite heavily used lately so it was nice to Ginzu knife them and re-track set. There is a fair amount of wind blown needles and small twigs from trees on the trails, but all and all pretty good.
    (Dale Juntunen)
    Wednesday February 17, 2021
    Tracks set Jan. 29 are holding up just fine except for some leaves and bark and wild doggy doo. This system has a lot of curvy downhills, some steep, so great to practice cornering or half snowplowing as needed. Young tree growth from past logging coming up nicely. Extra blue wax worked well. 12 degrees above zero!
    (Catherine McLynn)
    Tuesday February 16, 2021
    Finally temps in the tolerable range! Despite occasional bark and needles catching my wax, skiing was great! Did the main loop and double tracked section, too.
    (Catherine McLynn)
    Monday February 1, 2021
    Thanks to the groomers at Forest History Center this year! They are keeping walking lanes and ski lane separate by posting a lot of signs asking walkers to stay off the ski tracks, and the walkers are obliging. The tracks are holding up nicely, and conditions are good. Not quite as much snow as last year, but it's staying below freezing, and occasional light snowfalls are enough to cover up pine cones and bark the lands on the trail this time of year.
    (Bob Conzemius)
    Sunday January 31, 2021
    Skied the tower loop. Two inches of new snow covered most of the debris on the trail. Classic tracks were in good shape, although almost indiscernible in some places from the new snow. Although the trail is rated intermediate, it's mostly flat except for a hill southeast of the tower. We skied counter-clockwise on the loop and went up that hill. There's an easy descent once you're past the tower. Very beautiful trails.
    (Allison Kirchhoff)
    Thursday January 28, 2021
    Skiers have been skiing in tracks since 4" snowfall last Saturday. Extra blue great kick on gradual uphills. Interesting to see where the timber harvest was done last year. Glad entire system is open this year.
    (Catherine McLynn)
    Monday January 25, 2021
    I skate skied all the trails, except the two segments between the connection points of Black Forest Cake/Zeke's Return. Trail had been recently groomed and was in very good condition, with little debris. Classic tracks looked to be in very good condition, as well.
    (Brad Bensen)
    Monday January 25, 2021
    City groomer reported packing and tracking in the new 3" snowfall from Saturday night. Should be really nice classic skiing along scenic Mississippi River overlook.
    (Catherine McLynn)
    Saturday January 23, 2021
    Freshly groomed and a light, new dusting of snow. With the exception of a couple of rough spots in the low lands and random debris in a few places, trails were excellent.
    (John Schroeder)
    Saturday January 16, 2021
    Groomed Amen and South Suomi. About 3 inches of new snow. Still some dirt spots here and there, but ok overall.
    (Randy Zupan)