Trail length: 10 km
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Level: Intermediate
Grooming style: Classic
Directions: Hwy 38 north 7 miles, NE 8 miles on Co. 49 and 59.
Description: Scenic classic trail.

Trail Reports

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Saturday March 3, 2018
Fishscale skis worked great in the softish snow. Track set was firm but forgiving. Really nice ski with kids so speed was a non-issue. Clearwater Creek is wide open, beautiful. No buildup on skis like I had earlier in the week with brown wax on waxable skis.
(Catherine McLynn)
Tuesday February 27, 2018
Was notified by groomer at 10 am so rushed right out at 11 with skis waxed with special soft brown wax. It was fine for the slightly fast sections of trail in the shade but already by 11:30 where the sun hit, the snow was slow and stuck to the bottom. Caught off balance gliding down slow sunny hills. There are a few tricky turns so all in all, it was a beautiful day for a challenging ski full of surprises. The creek is just opening up in a few spots. Deer are still crossing over the frozen ice in one area but probably not much longer.
(Catherine McLynn)
Wednesday February 7, 2018
County groomer reported freshly groomed and track set. Should be fine skiing for the weekend and week ahead!
(Catherine McLynn)