Golden Anniversary
Trail length: 3 km
Trail Map: River Road Trail
Trail Map: Golden Anniversary DNR
Dogs are not allowed on winter trails
Snowshoes are not allowed
Restroom is not available.
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Level: Intermediate
Grooming style: Classic
Directions: River Road (Co. 3) south 7 miles.
Description: Rolling hills and majestic pines.

Trail Reports

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Saturday March 26, 2022
Around 20F temperature, so snow was crusty and solidly supporting, though with plenty of debris, as expected. Fun maneuver-type skiing, if you're into that. Skate technique worked well. There are no classic tracks left as they've been obliterated by many boot indentations made in thawing conditions. In many places, there was room to the side of the boot track nastiness to mostly avoid it. There was one small patch of snowless ground. It was at the northernmost downhill on the return (western) portion of the main one way loop.
(Brad Bensen)
Tuesday March 8, 2022
Very happy skiers found groomed and tracked trails! And with temps in the almost 30's, G2 Grip and Glide skis worked great!
(Catherine McLynn)

Trail Photos

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