Stoney Ridge
Trail length: 10 km
Trail Map: Stoney Ridge
Trail Map: Stoney Ridge
Dogs are not allowed on winter trails
Snowshoes are not allowed
Restroom is not available.
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Level: Intermediate
Grooming style: Classic
Directions: 18 miles north of Nashwauk on Hwy 65.
Description: Watch for moose!

Trail Reports

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Saturday January 28, 2023
I arrived to find it had last been groomed sometime in the previous week but not since the late week snowfall we had. That was no problem because it was only a couple inches of new snow. I skied one loop and actually encountered another person. By the time we had both made our loops, everything was skied in, and I did a much faster second loop (the farthest out and back). I like looking for wildlife signs here. Lots of grouse holes in the snow and snowshoe hare all around. I usually also find moose tracks that are always at least a week or two old, but I haven't seen real moose there since 2011. Deer tracks are always fresh.
(Bob Conzemius)
Tuesday January 24, 2023
Stoney Ridge ski trails were combed, packed and tracks set on all three loops. They should set up nicely tonight and be ready for your skis tomorrow.
(Wallace Krook)
Thursday January 12, 2023
Stoney Ridge trail had solid tracks from a fairly recent grooming and I skied in less than an inch of newer snow. The Sherry Lake trail has not been groomed, but the loops that are groomed are worth the trip.
(Jeff Pesta)

Trail Photos

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