Trail length: 10 km
Trail Map: Wabana
Trail Map: Wabana
Dogs are not allowed on winter trails
Snowshoes are not allowed
Restroom available. There is a pit latrine that is never locked.
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Level: Intermediate
Grooming style: Classic
Directions: Hwy 38 north 7 miles, NE 8 miles on Co. 49 and 59.
Description: Enjoy this scenic classic trail through the woods. Some elevation changes, but not too difficult. River Loop and Wabana Creek Loop are must-see sections by the creek.

Trail Reports

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Sunday January 29, 2023
Below zero by just a few degrees but sun shining and no wind in the pines. Nice double tracks set on the two way sections of the trail. Creek completely frozen. Slow snow = safe descent on the trickier hills.
(Catherine McLynn)
Friday December 30, 2022
County did much clearing. Trail packed and tracked, ready for skiing.
(Peter Friedlieb)
Tuesday December 20, 2022
Only the Bunny Loop (which does have a nice overlook of the Clearwater Creek) has been cleared and groomed. Tough going elsewhere. Snowshoers welcome to help cut brush.
(Catherine McLynn)

Trail Photos

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