Sylvan Point Trail
Trail length: 6 km
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Level: Beginner
Directions: 1 mile west on Golf Course Rd, north on SW 14th Ave to trailhead.
Description: Connects Grand Itasca Hospital with forest History Center

Trail Reports

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Monday February 1, 2021
Thanks to the groomers at Forest History Center this year! They are keeping walking lanes and ski lane separate by posting a lot of signs asking walkers to stay off the ski tracks, and the walkers are obliging. The tracks are holding up nicely, and conditions are good. Not quite as much snow as last year, but it's staying below freezing, and occasional light snowfalls are enough to cover up pine cones and bark the lands on the trail this time of year.
(Bob Conzemius)
Wednesday January 20, 2021
Tracks all reasonable with great conditions. Open areas slightly blown over. Scant tree debris on trail, not too bad.
(Brandon Drazich)
Saturday January 16, 2021
Trails wee groomed today. I skied the Sylvan Point trail, very good conditions. A very little bit of dirt showing in places. Minimal footprints on the ski track.
(John Beltman)

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